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I’ve walked in your shoes:  After my child was diagnosed 5 years ago with ADD/ADHD,
I did my research only to realize that:

- I did not speak fast & using my hands
  because of my Italian heritage…
- I did not get impatient waiting in lines
  because I had a bad temper…
- I did not interrupt people because of a
  bad habit…
- I was not often late because I didn’t care…

It was because I had ADD/ADHD!

My secret to success was that I was highly organized and adapted to each stage of life to the various challenges that came with it.

  • Going to university – managing research projects & preparing for tests
  • Getting my first job as a professional – dealing with a boss who expected me at work on time & meeting deadlines
  • Becoming a homeowner – maintaining a house & paying bills on time
  • Having children (the ultimate test for any ADHDer!) – raising healthy & happy children, managing homework & school activities
  • Becoming an entrepreneur – not having a boss to keep me focused & productive

Traditional organizing methods don't work for creative individuals.

I use my "insider knowledge" to teach you how to adapt your environment to the ADD/ADHD way of thinking and doing using systems designed for a creative or ADD/ADHD mind!

What does this mean?
When you have ADD/ADHD, getting out of the house on time in the morning is a major accomplishment, especially if you have to coordinate kids and pets.  You get so focused on being on time only to realize once you are halfway to work that the key item you were supposed to bring with you – is still sitting at home by the door, along with your lunch bag!  You get upset, frazzled & feel overwhelmed by the time you make it to the office.  You start snapping at your employees or co-workers.  The negative self-talk kicks in: “I’m an idiot.  Why can’t I just …”.  You end up having to re-read those emails 3 times because you cannot concentrate…and on it goes.

I look at:
  • how you manage your space at home & at work
  • how you use your time
  • how your family dynamics come into play (most of my clients are married to their total opposite!)
 (* = Constant, Horrible and Overwhelming Stress)

As a Silver Leaf Member of the POC, you know you are working with someone who has over 5 years working as a professional organizer.  I also carry professional liability insurance.

I help overwhelmed and stressed individuals, especially those with a member who has ADD/ADHD, streamline & simplify their lives.
My goal is to help you be continually successful in finding more TIME, reclaiming your SPACE, saving MONEY and regaining CONTROL over your life.
Goodby chaos, hello calm, ease & relief!

Métamorphoses Organisation
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