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  • Do you or a family member have ADD/ADHD and are struggling to get organized?
  • Are you missing important appointments because you are always late?
  • Did you lose a client contract because you forgot to hand in a proposal?
  • Do you avoid certain rooms in your home?
  • Do you waste time everyday looking for things?
  • Do you avoid inviting friends & family over due to the clutter in your home?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the stuff around you & don't know where to start?
  • Is your mind cluttered with things you have to do but just can't get around to?
  • Are you ashamed of your home or office space?
  • Are you drowning in paperwork?
  • Are you struggling on a daily basis to manage your family?
If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions,  perhaps you need my help.

I help you with:
  • optimizing your space so you can find your things quickly & work more efficiently (no more search & rescue mission every day!)
  • making your office look more professional (and not like a disaster zone!)
  • using your time more effectively so you get more done in a day (no more forgotten appointments!)
  • simplifying your daily family management & those sanity killing “rush hours” (i.e. getting out of the house on time in the morning + handling dinner preparation & juggling homework supervision - without having a meltdown)
  • clearing out that “dump & run” room (which sadly is often is your home office)
  • tackling those piles of paperwork that make you feel weighed down
  • "systemizing" your tasks (that’s organizer talk for using strategies that require less remembering on your part and make life easier in general)

Benefits of Getting Organized

  • Save money.
  • Reclaim control of your time.
  • Increase the usable space in your home.
  • Reduce your stress levels and feelings of overwhelm.
  • Stop the chaos.
  • Use your resources in a more environmentally friendly fashion.
  • Regain control, calm, ease & relief in your life.

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